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Arlington & Co. The home of handmade!

We are proud to have one of the very few onsite workshops in Hatton Garden, giving us complete creative control with everything we make.

When you visit us you can talk to not only our Designers but the Jewellers who will be making your special piece of jewellery.

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Are you looking to complete your wedding set?

Arlington & Co. design and make beautiful diamond and gemstone eternity rings, in various widths and metals.

Whether you would like your eternity ring to sit with your engagement ring and wedding ring set or wear it on a different finger we can create your dream ring!

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Ruby jewellery for July birthdays!

Rubies are the red variety of a mineral called Corundum. (The same family as sapphires). Natural occurring rubies are very rare and extremely rare in large sizes. They can be found in many regions around the world from India, East Africa, South America, and a few deposits in the United States. Colour: pinkish red or deep, rich red colour Hardness: 9

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Who likes Marquise Shape Diamonds?

A perfect shape for maximising carat weight due to the long length of this cut. It is also a good shape for small or large hands.

The beautiful boat shape is perfectly symmetrical and looks extremely elegant on the finger.

The marquise cut’s origin dates back to the 18th century when King Louis XV of France commissioned a jeweller to design a cut of diamond that resembled the lips of his lover Jean Antoinette Poisson, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour.  Over time, the marquise cut developed into the distinctive shape known today.