Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden Happy St. Georges Day.

Don’t forget to celebrate the feast day of St. George. You could even come into to see us in our Hatton Garden store to have a beautiful platinum & ruby bespoke jewellery item designed and made!

Have a great day – From all the team at Arlington & Co.



Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden Diamond Tennis Bracelets.

A diamond tennis bracelet is a row of diamonds set in a line next to one another, and have been worn by women for decades. Due to the classic style of these bracelets this thin line of diamonds can be worn everyday or for evening functions.

It became known as the ‘Tennis’ bracelet in the 1980’s after the former World No. 1 tennis star Chris Evert stopped her match during the US Open. She had the match stopped so she could find her elegant line diamond bracelet, which broke during play.

From then on, it was known as a tennis bracelet, that name is still used today, and is still as popular.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets are available in 18ct white gold, rose gold & yellow gold at Arlington & Co. why not visit our showroom in Hatton Garden to view these elegant timeless jewellery pieces.



Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Yellow Diamonds.

Fancy Yellow Diamond made here in Arlington & Co’s workshop.

Fancy yellow diamonds are diamonds which have taken on a yellow tone through natural interruptions in their formation process.

Diamonds that are naturally this colour are extremely rare, and the colour is usually caused by nitrogen  that appears whilst the diamond is being formed.

Exceptionally white diamonds are in high demand. A flawless clear diamond which is cut in a flattering way can fetch a great deal of money once set into a piece of jewellery, while a discoloured diamond is not considered as valuable. Fancy diamonds should not be confused with discoloured yellowish stones. 
Fancy diamonds such as yellow diamonds are graded differently to white diamonds, the hue and intensity of the colour are determined. i.e. Fancy Vivid.



Hatton Garden Engagement Rings.

It can be a daunting business selecting the perfect engagement ring, especially if you are tackling the situation on your own.

Whatever you are considering it is an important moment in the lives of you and your loved one.

The team at Arlington & Co. are not just experts in the jewellery business, we know a little bit about people as well. Taking the time to talk through all of our customer’s requirements from a simple solitaire to a completely unique bespoke design.

We know how important every aspect of your purchase is to you. That is why we would be pleased for you to view our in-house workshop and meet the people who will be creating your perfect piece of jewellery. Just ask one of the team who will be happy to show you around.