Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden –  Which Finger Size?

Does she have a favourite ring that is worn on the forth finger? Right or left hand is fine, if so trace the inside of the ring with a fine pen or pencil and take it into your jewellers and this will give a very good guide of her finger size.

To make your own makeshift ring sizing stick, take the said favoured ring slide it down a tapered candle stick and mark where the ring falls to a stop.

Another option would be to borrow a ring that is not worn as much, (so she doesn’t notice) for the day and bring it into your jewellers for them to measure.

If all else fails ask for help, maybe mum, sister, or friend who have been shopping with her before to buy jewellery, if not maybe they could do a quick ‘secret squirrel’ shopping trip with her.

Your jeweller will be able to guide and advise you on a rough finger size, once you have proposed the ring should be able to be altered for a perfect fit.


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