Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – A Guide To  Setting Styles

When having a bespoke ring made at Arlington & Co. aside from choosing your main diamond or gemstone, colour of metal and design of the band the way the stones are set can add personal style and taste to your piece. Here are some examples of rings made at Arlington & Co. with a guide to the setting styles to help you choose the right design for you.


Talon Claws

The name of this setting style well describes this design four claws have been shaped around this Cushion Cut diamond to secure it into place, the ends of the claws are then shaped into claw like talons to give the piece a slightly edgier look.


Corner Claws

This setting style is ideal for stones that have pointed edges, for example Princess Cut & Pear Shape diamonds, protecting the fine edges from any damage.


Round Claws

The most classic style of claw work. The claws are shaped round the diamond to secure and then balled off at the ends.


Rub Over

A thin wall of metal surrounds and secures each diamond without any claw work. The final piece is contemporary in style and easy to wear.


Tension Set

Grooves are cut on the inside of each bar to enable the girdle of the stone to be clipped into place and secured. Another contemporary style with the sides of the diamond exposed to see the whole shape of the diamond.










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