Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Diamond Grading.

Diamond certification is carried out by an experienced grader viewed from above at 10x magnification.  Higher magnifications and viewing from other angles are also used during the grading process. The grader studies the diamond for internal characteristics and judges them on several clarity factors: size, number, position, nature, and colour. The clarity grade is assessed on the basis of the most noticeable inclusions. Less significant inclusions are ignored for the purposes of setting the grade; however, they may still be plotted onto a diamond plot chart.

Accurate clarity grading as with other grading steps must be done with the diamond loose not set into any mount. Inclusions are often difficult to see from the underside of the diamond, and may be concealed by the setting.

GIA reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity. And now, GIA Report Check is available for all GIA reports, providing you with an additional level of assurance. With Report Check, you can quickly and conveniently confirm that the information on your report matches what is archived in the GIA report database.

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An IGI Certificate clearly discloses the details of any item it accompanies, providing confidence for both buyer and seller.

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