Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – 10 Top Tips For Buying Rings.

1. When you are about to invest in something as precious as a wedding ring, it is important to give a lot of thought to the styles and materials that you feel may suit you.

2. Every couple has their own budget in mind. Know yours so that you can be sure of what you can both achieve once you have started looking around.

3. It is important that choosing your rings is a shared experience, one where you should be fully satisfied with the wedding rings you have both chosen.

4. Be prepared to be surprised by what you see when you start  looking for your wedding ring. With so many new and innovative designs, you may set your heart on something quite different from what you had always imagined.

5. Brides-to- be will always wonder if their wedding ring will sit well with their engagement ring. Whatever it’s shape or size, and if it is made to fit correctly, your wedding ring will only stand to complement and enhance the beauty of your engagement ring.

6. If you wish to have diamond detail added to your ring/s, ensure you get good advice from a reputable jeweller. It is important that the quality of the diamonds in your ring are equally matched to those of your engagement ring.

7. Time is of the essence. Some ring designs can take up to eight weeks to produce so try to allow yourselves as much time as possible before your special day.

8. A great follow up service is a must. This establishes trust and shows good practice. Your jeweller must offer this support.

9. All diamonds at Arlington & Co. are conflict free, which means you can wear the rings with pride. All jewellers should be able to provide suitable confirmation to this aspect of their supply.

10. Learning how to care for your wedding ring is an important part of the buying service. The team at Arlington & Co. will show you how to maintain your new rings, so that they look beautiful forever.

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