Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Engagement Ring Styles

When you first  go out looking for engagement rings whether as a couple or on your own, shop windows can be quite daunting with vast arrays of what seems like a never-ending amount of different designs for engagement rings.

However, to make sense of it all they can be broken down into five categories.

The solitaire.


A single stone. Still the most popular choice in engagement rings. The head secures the diamond. Claws allow the diamond to catch the most light.

The Fancy Solitaire.

Untitled-8 (2)

A central single stone with much smaller side stones. A diamond or a coloured gemstone is flanked by smaller diamonds to accentuate size or colour.

Three Stone / Trilogy.


Said to signify your past, present & future. Three diamonds which are similar in size, however, the central diamond will always be slightly larger.

Diamond Surround.


A solitaire diamond with a diamond encrusted surround sometimes with diamonds set into the shoulders. The surround makes the central diamond look much bigger.



One central diamond or coloured gemstone surrounded by slightly smaller diamonds. Traditionally you would find this sort of style with a sapphire to it’s centre.






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