Arlington & Co Hatton Garden – Diamond Shapes

Choosing the right diamond can be a difficult decison to make for many people. Especially if you are buying a diamond as a surprise. Here is a rough guide of the different shapes available at Arlington & Co. which are incorporated into our jewellery.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: The most popular shape of diamond. This diamond is cut to maximise the brilliance and fire of a diamond.

Princess Cut Diamond: Square in shape with more facets than the round brilliant cut normally. Second in popularity and is a relatively new cut created in the 1960s.

Marquise Cut: The perfect shape for maximising carat weight due to the long length of this cut. Is also a good shape for small or large hands.

Cushion Cut: Named due to the shape of this stone – pillow shaped. It is available in square or oblong shapes with soft rounded edges.

Emerald Cut: Oblong in shape with step cuts, the nature of the cut of this diamond showcase beautifully the colour and clarity of each gleaming stone.

Radiant Cut: A unique style of cut, radiant cut diamonds feature uniquely trimmed corners which combines the lines of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round diamond.

Pear Shape: Combining the marquise and round brilliant cut shapes this tear drop shape diamond can give hands a slimmer appearance and are also beautiful incorporated into pendants.

Oval Shape: An elongated round brilliant cut diamond this elegant diamond shape lends itself to long slender fingers and has a beautiful bow tie effect to the centre.

Asscher Cut: A sparkly square emerald cut diamond, introuduced in the 1920’s beautiful as a solitaire or set with other diamonds.



Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Diamond Trilogy Engagement Rings.

Representing your past present and future. Arlington and Co. design and handmade all of our three stone engagement rings in our on site workshop.

These designs are available with different shape diamonds and also coloured gemstones.

Working in Platinum, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold, we can create the perfect engagement ring to your own specifications.



Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Original Jewellery Designs

The jewellery designs at Arlington & Co. are exclusive and not available at any other jewellers.

From rough sketches through to the finished product, our pieces often take many months to design and manufacture. The process will often involve the making of silver prototypes to assess the dimensions and aesthetics of how the final piece will look. On occasions, even after months of effort, we will abandon the design altogether if the final product hasn’t met our exacting standards.

Although some designs evolve from pieces already in the Arlington & Co. collection, most originate from totally new ideas. Either way, after nearly fifty years of designing and producing fine jewellery, each piece will be unique.



Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond Eternity Rings.

We hand select each and every stone we use in our jewellery, checking for colour, cut, symmetry, polish and millimetre measurements. Once all of the stones have been calibrated we design and hand craft the ring around the suite of stones.

The gemstones and diamonds are then individually set by hand, in various settings as above such as channel, loop and pip settings.  After extensive hand polishing, the skill of our craftsmen can be appreciated by the fine detailing of our product.

TIP: Always look under a Jeweller’s Loupe (eye glass) especially when looking to buy eternity rings to ensure that each stone has a sufficient amount of metal covering each diamond or gemstone.