Six claw solitaire diamond engagement ring.


If you have decided to go for a classic style engagement ring, the six claw setting could be for you. The claws follow the shape of the round diamond so as to excentuate the shape. More classic styles in the past had anything from eight prongs.

Four claw diamond engagement ring with diamond set shoulders.

If you prefer the four claw setting this can be the more modern setting as it gives the Round Brilliant Cut diamond a square appearance.

NSEW four claw setting diamond engagement ring.

If square is not your thing but you want a four claw setting, as you want to see more of the diamond then a ‘North, South, East, West’ claw configuration might be a good option. The four claw setting is spun around on the point and immediately the square appearance disappears and we can see the round shape again.

Many people assume the six claw setting is more secure.

This can be true depending on how the ring is made.

However, at Arlington & Co. we make our four claw prongs slightly thicker than the six claw prongs. Therefore, you can choose from less but slightly thicker claws or more but slightly thinner claws. So both settings are as secure as each other.

At Arlington it is a choice between styles.


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