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Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Wedding Ring Engraving

Arlington & Co. offer a complementary engraving service on our wedding rings. Depending on the size, width and style of your wedding ring we can engrave around 30 characters inside a ring to create your individual inscription. We offer two styles of font as standard, however, should you have a favourite style of font or require another language please just ask. Our engraver works here in our showroom and is always happy to advise.





Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Engagement Ring History – Ancient Egypt to 1940’s 

The engagement ring dates back to the ancient Egyptians, if not earlier. This is how the ultimate symbol of love and commitment has evolved from then until the 1940’s.

The Egyptians have been found buried with metal wire around the third finger of their left hands, which was believed to be directly connected to the heart by a vein. Engagement rings were also used to some degree in ancient Rome.

Most historians would agree that the first use of a diamond ring to mark an engagement occurred in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a gold ring with diamonds.

From the 1500’s there are references to engagement and wedding rings in Shakespeare’s plays, and in the 1600s and 1700s lovers in Europe often exchanged poesy or posy rings, silver or gold bands with a line of poetry or a love message engraved on the inside.

The Victorians often had romantic symbols such as hearts, flowers & bows incorporated in their engagement ring designs even snakes featured as they were seen as a symbol of eternity.

Towards the end of the Victorian era diamonds became a more popular feature.

In the early 1900’s engagement rings were a widely known custom, and due to the industrial revolution and a growing middle class in Europe and the U.S allowed fine jewellery to be within reach of more people than ever before. Edwardian engagement rings tended to incorporate ornate lacy designs using platinum.

From the 1920’s until the 30’s engagement rings took on more geometric designs, reflecting the love of Art Deco at that time. Incorporating stones cut with long lines such as the emerald cut and using coloured gemstones, such as rubies & sapphires.

During the 40’s despite World War II engagement rings were big and bold, featuring curved designs with ribbons, bow and flowers once again. Platinum was scarce due to the war effort, so gold was the more prominent precious metal.










Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Vintage style hand made wedding rings.

These wedding rings feature an orange blossom floral design, hand engraved all the way around the outside of each band. The flower blossoms are engraved with a leaf pattern between each flower and then diamond set.  Both the outside and inside of this design are curved forming a slightly domed exterior for complete comfort.

Perfect for a spring or summer wedding!

Available in Platinum, 18ct Rose Gold & 18ct Yellow Gold.


1.76ct-D-colour-SI2.JPGaArlington & Co. Hatton Garden Engagement Rings.

We have been ‘FANATICAL FOR DIAMONDS’ for over 50 years manufacturing & designing fine jewellery for clients around the world. Classic or contemporary, traditional or totally bespoke, we are a true niche manufacturer, creating diamond jewellery of exceptionally high quality in Hatton Garden.

Each piece of the Arlington & Co. Collection is hand crafted using traditional methods in conjunction with the latest technology, all in our onsite workshop.


The design of an engagement ring is not just the process of holding a diamond onto the finger but of enhancing it. The setting method, the height above the finger and the shapes involved, are all factors involved in enhancing the diamond.

We personally select every diamond, checking for the cut, clarity, polish, symmetry and measurement. The presence of fluorescence is checked in each and every diamond that we use also.

Once the diamonds have been selected, we design and hand make the mount around the suite of stones. Our diamonds are then each individually set by hand.


Once the diamonds are securely set in the ring it is carefully polished and checked over for any imperfections before presentation.


The skill of our craftsmen & craftswomen can be appreciated by the fine detailing of our product.





Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden Engraving.

Hand engraving & seal engraving are beautiful & specialist crafts. At Arlington & Co. we offer the service of both these skilled trades.

Symbols, patterns or messages, can be etched onto engagement ringswedding rings, eternity rings and other items of jewellery, by our hand engraver to create a truly unique and sentimental piece of jewellery.

Seal engraving has traditions that go back to the Middle Ages. When all documents and communications were certified by a wax impression of the senders unique seal. This provided proof it was not a forgery and prevented tampering.

Traditionally these are found on signet rings, usually with a coat of arms or family crest, where an image is cut onto metal or stone to produce a finely detailed impression in wax.

To view our range of signet rings or to see examples of the said engravings please visit us in our Hatton Garden store.