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Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Sapphires

Sapphires are any colour of the mineral corundum other than red. The most desirable sapphires are generally those with an intense blue colour with plenty of sparkle and life, however, they can also come in an assortment of colours such as pink. They can be found in Brazil, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Thailand, Madagascar and Australia. Colour: Shades of blue, pink, yellow & other various colours. Hardness: 9



Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Diamonds For April.

Diamonds are a girls best friend but also the gemstone for April birthdays. If you are looking for beautifully made diamond jewellery, have a jewellery commission in mind for a special occasion or need some inspiration – look no further than Arlington & Co. we design and manufacture all of our jewellery in house. Please feel welcome to visit us in our Hatton Garden showroom.



Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond Eternity Rings.

We hand select each and every stone we use in our jewellery, checking for colour, cut, symmetry, polish and millimetre measurements. Once all of the stones have been calibrated we design and hand craft the ring around the suite of stones.

The gemstones and diamonds are then individually set by hand, in various settings as above such as channel, loop and pip settings.  After extensive hand polishing, the skill of our craftsmen can be appreciated by the fine detailing of our product.

TIP: Always look under a Jeweller’s Loupe (eye glass) especially when looking to buy eternity rings to ensure that each stone has a sufficient amount of metal covering each diamond or gemstone.






3-pcut-slide asscher-ring asscher-slide aurelia bag-slide cushion-slide diamond-bangles earring-stud-slide er-slide et-slide frame-er marquise-slide necklace-slide pc-slide pcut-slide rbc-slide ring-slide ruby-slide sapphire-slide sapp-slide set-slide tourm-slide trilogy-necklace wed-slide yg-cluster-slide yg-wed-slideArlington & Co Hatton Garden – Sparkle this festive season.

Christmas gift ideas – The big day is getting closer only 44 days left until Christmas! We have compiled some of our favourite jewellery items for you to browse for inspiration  for yourself or a loved one. To make sure you sparkle this festive season!



Arlington & Co. Hatton Garden – Hatton Garden Christmas Lights.

Hatton Garden will sparkle this festive season thanks to the first ever Christmas lights to be strung in the jewellery quarter. The dazzling bulbs will be switched on at 6pm by special guests who will be joined by performers from London groups including Camden’s Roundhouse, St Etheldreda’s Choir and West End Kids. Shops in the area will be taking part in a late night shopping extravaganza and live jewellery making demos will be taking place.